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Chianti Classico harvest 2020: an excellent vintage for Principe Corsini wines

Chianti Classico harvest 2020: an excellent vintage for Principe Corsini wines

Hand-picked grapes at Villa Le Corti

The 2020 harvest is an excellent year for Chianti Classico. The harvest was very good, both in terms of quantity and quality of grapes. Even at Villa Le Corti, in San Casciano Val di Pesa the vintage looks good.

The beginning of the harvest was decided by Duccio Corsini together with the agronomist Laura Lenzi and the cellar man Claudio Giglioni. The decision is based on technical analysis and the tasting of grapes. In addition to Duccio Corsini and his family, the 2020 harvest was also attended by workers and specialized teams who collaborate with the company for the olive harvest.

The early harvest for rosé with Sangiovese

Harvesting times vary depending on the individual grape varieties and the climate of each season. At Villa Le Corti this year’s harvest began on 27th August 2020, with the early harvest of Sangiovese. This special grape is destined for the creation of the new vintages of Spumante Rosé Principe Corsini and Venusio Rosato IGT Toscana.

For rosé wines, in fact, the harvest takes place in advance to find the right balance between the acidity of the grape and its sugar content. The goal is to obtain a wine with a lower alcohol content than red wines.

The harvest for the Principe Corsini Chianti Classico family

After the harvest of Sangiovese destined for the rosé wines, the manual harvest at Villa Le Corti continued in the vineyards destined for the Chianti Classico labels of Principe Corsini:

The biodynamic harvest for Fico Wine

Finally, it was the turn of the harvest in the vineyards of the Fico Wine project, for two organic and biodynamic wines created by Filippo Corsini, Duccio and Clotilde’s son: Per Filo IGT Toscana Sangiovese and Fico IGT Toscana Sangiovese.

Also this year the harvest for Fico Wine was an opportunity to experience a moment of celebration with the Corsini family and Filippo’s friends, who participated as always in the harvest of grapes.

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