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Venusio Rosé IGT Toscana



Producer: Villa Le Corti
Denomination: IGT Toscana
Blend: Sangiovese 100%
Alcohol level: 12%
Production area: San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Altitude and exposition: 270-350 m ASL, South
Vines density per ha: 5,800 plants per ha
Training form: Low spurred cordon





Michael Apstein91/100


Winemaking and Aging

Tasting Notes


Venusio is our new stil rosé 100% Sangiovese from Villa Le Corti.

The vineyards are located in the village of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the Northern part of Chianti Classico, about 15 km away from Florence.

The vineyards have been planted on the hillside at an altitude of 270-350 mt above the sea level, mostly with southern exposure.

The soil is mainly characterized by an important skeleton of with river rocks and brown clays.

The training form is low spurred cordon to maximize the benefits of soil warmth.

Venusio is another way of drinking Sangiovese.

The name and the label of Venusio come from an idea of Fiona, sister of Duccio Corsini, who thus describe her inspiration:

“For the name I thought of Venus, the Goddess connected to the agricultural life and inspiring muse of gardens and vegetable gardens as well as the protector of those who cultivate them.

The frog and the monkey carry a large bunch of grapes on their shoulders symbolizing the effort of cultivation, but also the reward of the wine that will come out of it. I chose the frog and the monkey as bearers of the grapes because they are generically good omen creatures.

The frog that with its croaking marks the awakening of nature. The monkey symbol of wisdom but also a reference to the carefree childhood that invites us to playfulness and good humor.

Venusio’s image suggests a pure, simple and good omen rosé wine


The grapes are harvested earlier than natural ripening. Contact with the skins for a few hours. Soft pressing and cold fermentation with no added yeasts.


Stainless steel vats

Risotto with mushrooms, oven-baked fish, roasted or grilled meats, fresh cheeses.



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