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Venusio, Rosé 100% Sangiovese from Villa Le Corti

Venusio, Rosé 100% Sangiovese from Villa Le Corti

Venusio Rosé IGT Toscana from Villa Le Corti

Venusio is the new stil rosé 100% Sangiovese of Villa Le Corti, the IGT Toscana rosé wine that comes from the organic farming method. The vineyards from which it comes to life are located in the municipality of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the heart of Chianti Classico.

Planted on the hillside, at an altitude of 270-350 mt above the sea level, these rosé vineyards grow up in a soil that is mainly characterized by a skeleton of river rocks and brown clays.

Venusio, a different way of drinking Sangiovese

The Venusio grapes are harvested earlier than natural ripening. The pressing is soft and the cold
fermentation goes on with no added yeasts. The ageing of this rosé is in stainless steel vats.

Produced in 5.000 bottles, Venusio is a different way of drinking Sangiovese. In its tasting notes, the delicate shades of spring fill the glass and its colour shines with joyful elegance. The Venusio aromatic profile is a floral cloud with roses and vervain with the touch of fresh ginger that gives.

A breath of spring from the heart of Chianti Classico

This refreshing rosé flows silkily on the palate as a delicious and savoury breeze, radiating a seductive brightness sip after sip, like the Spumante rosé Principe Corsini.

Do you want any advice to better appreciate each note? Here they are. Venusio rosé can be tasted with risotto with mushrooms, oven-baked fish, roasted or grilled meats, fresh cheeses. Dishes that best enhance its spring and floral character.

The meaning of the name Venusio

The name of this rosé IGT Toscana was chosen by Fiona, the sister of Don Duccio Corsini. The woman was inspired by Venus, the muse of gardens and agricultural life.

The cult of Venus derives from the Hellenic/Roman culture, in which she was considered an Italic goddess as the mother of Enea and, for this reason, parent of all his lineage. Venus represents the force of nature, peace and happiness come to men through knowledge and respect for its natural laws.

The label of Venusio Rosé

The two creatures represented on Venusio Rosé’s label are a frog and a monkey, symbols of good luck. The two animals are painted carrying on their shoulders a bunch of grapes, which refers to the effort of cultivation and the reward of the wine.

Thanks to its nature as an aquatic and terrestrial creature, the frog symbolizes the metamorphosis of grapes into wine. The animal is also a symbol of spring. The monkey, on the other hand, despite having multiple meanings including wisdom, is also the reference to a carefree childhood and good humour.

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