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The Wines

The wines of Principe Corsini, faithful expression of the Chianti Classico terroir, are produced with respect for the environment, seasonality and the rhythms of nature.

The Wines

The wines of Principe Corsini, faithful expression of the Chianti Classico terroir, are produced with respect for the environment, seasonality and the rhythms of nature.

Chianti Classico of Villa Le Corti

At Villa Le Corti, Sangiovese is declined in the production of Chianti Classico, Spumante and Vinsanto, in absolute respect for the uniqueness of the vines and nature.

The production of Villa Le Corti includes Le Corti Chianti Classico DOCG Vintage, Cortevecchia Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva, Don Tommaso Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG, Zac Chianti Classico Gran Selezione (starting from the 2016 vintage), Venusio Rosé, Spumante Rosé Principe Corsini and Vinsanto Sant ‘Andrea Corsini Vinsanto del Chianti Classico DOC.

Le Corti Chianti Classico DOCG

Le Corti, the company’s classic Chianti “annata”, is produced with Sangiovese grapes and Colorino, in a small percentage. It is a wine that portrays the elegance of Chianti Classico with a sincere personality.

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Cortevecchia Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG

The Chianti Classico Riserva Cortevecchia is the highest expression of the territory. The grapes benefit from a longer aging in wood to develop the typical fragrances of a Chianti. The perfumes are amplified and expanded enriching themselves with elements. The result is a wine of great territorial character, with a soft and elegant drink.

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Don Tommaso Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG

Don Tommaso Chianti Classico, “Gran Selezione” starting from the 2010 vintage, enhances the natural potential of the marriage between Sangiovese and Merlot. It is a contemporary style wine, but firmly anchored to the territory. The fruit is deep and complex, the drink is it wide, soft and intense.

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Zac 2016: from IGT to Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Zac is a pure Sangiovese from the Gugliaie vineyard (2.5 hectares). It’s dedicated to Anna Corsini, sister of Prince Tommaso Corsini. It represents the new challenge of the company (first vintage produced in 2008). This is a Sangiovese with a strong Chianti character, decisive and elegant at the same time, just like “ZAC”, as Anna Corsini was affectionately called by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Vinsanto Sant’Andrea Corsini

Dedicated to Sant’Andrea Corsini, Carmelite and Bishop of Fiesole he was recognized as a saint by Boniface VIII. Ancient and rare wine born from the selection of Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes. After three months of drying on the racks, the pressing takes place. According to tradition, the grape must ferments for five years on the mother yeast inside sealed wooden barrels. Only the best barrels are selected for aging for another five years and then bottled.

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Spumante Rosé Principe Corsini

Spumante Principe Corsini rosé Charmat method is obtained from Sangiovese grapes with a long stay on the lees. A different way of reading the Chianti Classico area through its main grape variety.

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Venusio Rosé IGT Toscana

Venusio is the new stil rosé 100% Sangiovese of Villa Le Corti. The IGT Toscana rosé wine that comes to life from organic farming method in the vineyards of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the heart of Chianti Classico.

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The Wines of Tenuta Marsiliana

The wines of Tenuta Marsiliana, located in Manciano, are a true expression of the Maremma terroir.

The proximity of the sea and the lean and very mineral-rich soils allow you to produce great wines, always respecting the surrounding environment, seasonality and the rhythms of nature.

The wines produced by Tenuta Marsiliana are Vermentino Costa Toscana IGT, Birillo Costa Toscana IGT and Marsiliana Maremma Toscana IGT.

Marsiliana Costa Toscana IGT

Marsiliana is the “grand vin” of the estate. It is the result of the selection of the best Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes of the vineyards. This soft and intense wine creates the best meeting between the international class of Bordeaux grapes and the warm and deep power of the Tuscan coast.

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Birillo Costa Toscana IGT

Birillo is an original, very enjoyable and attractive red wine that could be called the “mini-supertuscan”. It is in fact a pleasant whole meal wine based on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which has the characteristics of power, depth, color, refinement and typical aromas of the great supertuscan, compared to which it is deliberately simpler, softer and more accessible to all.

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Vermentino IGT Toscana

100% Vermentino aged in steel, combines the various characteristics of the grape with the particularity of the territory. The result is a fresh, sapid and mineral wine, immediate, which evokes the sea.

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The Wines of Fico Wine

Fico Wine embodies the idea of ​​producing a wine in respectful harmony with the environment. Not a simple wine, but a real life philosophy. The idea of ​​producing such a particular wine was born from the desire of Filippo Corsini, the eldest son of Duccio and Clotilde, and from the work experiences he has lived around the world.

Per Filo IGT Toscana Sangiovese

2017 marks the first harvest of Per Filo, the latest addition to the Fico Wines project, a 100% Sangiovese dedicated to Filippo. On a less rocky area of the Gugliaie vineyard, with the same biodynamic approach, Laura and Claudio put into practice and then bottled a wine interpreting the vision of Fico Wines viticulture.

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Fico IGT Toscana Sangiovese

2015 marks the first harvest of Fico, 100% Sangiovese, which takes its name from the tree at the border of the Gugliaie vineyard, among the most suitable of the property. From eight rows of this vine, with a biodynamic approach, Filippo puts into practice and then bottled a wine interpreting his personal vision of viticulture.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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