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Interview with Claudio Giglioni, cellar manager of Principe Corsini

Interview with Claudio Giglioni, cellar manager of Principe Corsini

Quality and safety control along the wine production chain

Claudio Giglioni is the cellar manager of the Principe Corsini company. His work represents the heart of the production process and consists of controlling all the transformation operations of the grapes into the finished product: wine.

Claudio is also responsible for the proper coordination of the entire supply chain, from pressing to bottling and storing the wine, to ensure maximum quality and safety. We asked him some questions about his role in the company. Find out what he replied to us.

What was your first approach to the Principe Corsini company?

“I must admit that I came a little late to become involved in wine because I first studied engineering. During my military service I met one of my greatest friends, who was studying oenology at the time. I became intrigued and discovered that there was actually an oenology course in Florence. So I accidentally embraced this adventure.

I ended up working at Le Corti by chance, working for another Chianti Classico winery during a harvest. The external consultant of this winery introduced me to Duccio Corsini and shortly after I came to work here. It was one of my first jobs, after having done four or five harvests, some even abroad “.

How did you adapt your training to the working method and the historicity of this winery?

“It was a tiring process, but today I can feel happy and satisfied. I found myself working at Le Corti with purely technological training, acquired with the oenology course. Here, however, I was struck to discover an environment that has remained intact for more than 300 years, where the fundamental structure of the cellar has remained unchanged over time.

Naturally, in such a reality, all cellar practices must be modified and adapted to the available spaces. It is a disadvantage in some respects, but it is also a huge advantage. The historicity of the place and the tradition of viticulture, handed down harvest after harvest, are priceless riches that characterize the final product, making it unique and recognizable “.

How important is the ecological and organic/biodynamic approach in the agricultural context?

It is undoubtedly very important. All our production has followed a conversion to organic since 2015 and we already produce two biodynamic wines, Fico and Per Filo. We believe this will be the future of the wine world. From a technical and quantitative point of view, wine production has grown globally and throughout Tuscany.

The further qualitative leap that can still be made consists of increasing the degree of ecological sensitivity and implementing environmentally friendly production techniques. It is a value that will certainly have repercussions on the perception of product quality and on the ability of future generations to produce excellence without burdening the territory.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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