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Organic, biodynamic and vegan wines: characteristics and differences

Organic, biodynamic and vegan wines: characteristics and differences

Sustainable wine: Principe Corsini production

Producing sustainable wines means working with respect for the environment and seasonality, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact and preserving natural resources for future generations. Our company firmly believes in this principle, which is why we have introduced organic agricultural and winemaking practices since 2012: our current production includes organic, biodynamic, and vegan wines.

To prevent and fight infections caused by harmful organisms, we use contact products that are not absorbed by plants. In full respect of the soil, we use fertilizers with a reduced intake of nitrites and nitrates.

Organic farming at Principe Corsini

Organic farming exploits the natural fertility of the land without stressing it to obtain greater production. It also respects the natural cycle of the seasons and promotes biodiversity. Already in the mid-90s, most of the agricultural practices and work in the cellar in our two estates could be traced back to this type of management, now applied in all the vineyards.

In fact, in our vineyards, we do not use chemical synthesis substances (as is the case in conventional agriculture) but only contact materials, which are not aggressive on the plants.

Biologic wines: the true expression of the terroir

Thanks to the experience gained in the production of wines from the Fico Wine project, we have chosen to no longer press the grapes before fermentation. In this way, the process takes place more slowly and allows us to develop the varietal and aromatic compounds of our wines, so that they are the full expression of the terroir.

Furthermore, we try not to add too many sulfites to the wines (generally used to guarantee greater conservation of the product over time), remaining below the limits imposed by law.

The organic Chianti Classico of Villa Le Corti

The labels of Chianti Classico of Villa Le Corti, in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, are produced in compliance with the organic regime. The first certified organic harvest ended in 2015. The balance of nature is conceived as a whole, as an ecosystem, for this part of the land owned maintains the alternation between vineyards, olive groves, and woods trying to respect the balance of biodiversity.

Heat is very different depending on the area and the minerality of the soil, determined precisely by the presence of white stones of fluvial or lake origin.
These stones, often considered inert material, contribute through their characteristics to making the soil a complete system, as well as giving the wines and oil unique characteristics: aromatic intensity and good body.

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Principe Corsini biodynamic wines: Fico and Per Filo

Fico and Per Filo are our biodynamic wines. In their production, we follow the biodynamic calendar of Maria Thun for all field and cellar practices. The rows of Fico Wine are inside the Gugliaie vineyard, in the skeleton-richest part.

The quantities produced for wines are reduced because we select only the best bunches of grapes. For Fico there is a triple manual selection: the first in the vineyard, the second first on the sorting table, and the third on the sorting table. For Per Filo, on the other hand, the selection takes place in the vineyard and on the sorting table. The grape is put whole in the barrique for fermentation and the stirring is manual.
In the following stages, we do not add sulfites or yeasts. The result is two elegant wines in which the varietal and aromatic characteristics of Sangiovese from the San Casciano area stand out.

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Vegan wines: animal-derived ingredients free

A vegan wine must not contain or be produced with the use of substances of animal origin either in the vineyard or in the cellar. Since 2014 our wines have obtained the Vegan Quality mark (Le Corti, Don Tommaso, Cortevecchia, Zac, Venusio, Vermentino, Birillo, and Marsiliana) through the certification of the main requirement of the exclusion of ingredients and derivatives of animal origin and the absence of parts of animal origin also in the equipment and packaging materials.

To eliminate impurities, additives of animal origin are used in the production of many wines. We, on the other hand, for the clarification process use proteins obtained from potatoes and peas. In the vineyards we have eliminated fertilizers and fertilizers of animal origin, replacing them with green manure (beans, mustard, rocket) which we plant at the end of the harvest. For the labels and caps, we do not use glues or components of animal origin but substances of vegetable origin.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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