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Digital marketing for Principe Corsini wine

Digital marketing for Principe Corsini wine

Digital marketing strategies in the company

Federico Belli is Principe Corsini’s Digital Marketing Strategist. He has been working in the company since May 2019 and is responsible for B2C and B2B e-commerce of the wine brand based in San Casciano in Val di Pesa.

In his work, he develops digital marketing strategies for Principe Corsini wine, social communication, and advertising campaigns for the growth of the brand. This is what he says about his business in the company and the importance of investing in digital.

Why did Principe Corsini invest in digital?

“The drive towards innovation came from Duccio Corsini, owner of the company since 1992. His intention was to digitize sales and distribution for the Italia channel, through the creation of e-commerce dedicated to those who operate in the sector.

When I arrived at the company in May 2019, also supported by sales manager Gianluca Carbone, I suggested implementing a 360-degree digital strategy: the restructuring of the website, B2C e-commerce platform, and all the online presence of the company. Thanks to this choice, the 2020 pandemic has not caught us unprepared. We had already started the work necessary to grow our digital activity”.

How is the company competitive in the wine sector?

“The wine sector is very competitive indeed. In Italy alone there are more than 40,000 producers and the average quality has improved a lot over the last 15/20 years. Even for this, it is not easy to emerge.

Certainly, the digital channel plays an important role in distinguishing itself. Again, however, the competition has grown dramatically, even in 2020. To emerge it is essential to have a well-structured marketing and communication strategy. At the same time, the budget must be adequate to achieve the objectives set”.

Why invest on an e-commerce to sell wine?

“With our work we know how important it is to have an e-commerce property, as long as it is up to date and well functioning. For this reason, the most important investment was on the platforms for the B2C shop for private and Digiwine, the B2B shop for the channel Italia.

This has allowed us to improve our customers’ Customer Journey, making the shopping experience easy, fast and secure. We are convinced that over the next few years online sales will continue to grow, representing an important part of the company’s turnover”.

Have you developed digital collaborations?

“Yes, this is another important aspect. For our online projects, we decided to be joined by the Digital Agency Sinerbit. While for the realization of the photographic and video contents, our partner is the Alessandro Moggi Studio.

For social media, we bet on Facebook and Instagram. We invested a good part of the budget available in 2020 in advertising, to grow brand awareness and traffic on our platforms. We also focused on Google Ads campaigns and collaborations with influencers in both the wine and food sectors”.

Did investing in digital work for Principe Corsini?

“In 2020, the results of digital strategies were very positive. We have seen significant growth both in online sales to private individuals, through B2C e-commerce, and in sales to the Italia channel, through the B2B Digiwine.

In general, our platforms have seen an increase in visits, contact requests and information. Social interactions have also been growing steadily. Needless to say, however, that for customers to buy products, these must be of quality. We produce organic wines and oil, respecting the environment and seasonality, and our customers appreciate it”.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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