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Sustainability in the cellar practices of Principe Corsini

Sustainability in the cellar practices of Principe Corsini

Wine production respectful of the territory

At Principe Corsini, we have always pursued the goal of the highest quality in wine production, without underestimating the importance of respect for the territory that hosts us: Chianti Classico and Maremma.

This is why we have adopted an integral sustainable approach, which involves every step of the production chain: from the sustainability in agricultural practices to those implemented in the cellar, where careful use of technology allows us to minimize energy consumption and preserve the value of natural resources.

Principe Corsini: tradition and innovation

The Principe Corsini brand originates from a dualism between tradition and innovation. The underground cellars of Villa Le Corti in Chianti Classico are the same ones that were built in 1616 and have never stopped working from that moment.

Over the years, while introducing innovative processing techniques, we have enjoyed the privilege of exploiting the unique characteristics of this place. An example is the strong inclination of the floor with respect to the ceiling, which was studied in the seventeenth century to allow proper ventilation of the rooms and avoid the accumulation of CO₂. This natural ventilation system allows us to save large amounts of energy.

Ecological fuel obtained from the processing of olives

Always with a view to saving energy, we have been trying to reuse the materials of the olive oil supply chain for years. At Villa Le Corti we use the residue from the processing of olives (crushed pomace olive seed) as fuel for the heating system of the cellar, the offices, and the villa: an ecological and economical alternative to pellets.

The extraction process takes place directly in the proprietary oil mill. The material we obtain is also used for heating the water for the malaxation of the olive paste, thus feeding the entire production process.

Wine produced with respect for the consumer and the environment

To avoid the use of polluting chemical detergents, in addition to the consequent risk of altering the organoleptic qualities of the wine, we wash the barrels with hot water only. In this way, we are able to safeguard both the consumers who buy our products and the environment around us.

The correct sanitization of the cellar and of the tools intended to come into contact with the product is a very important requirement in the wine sector.

Recycling materials to reduce pollution

To limitate greenhouse gas emissions, we have decided to use lighter bottles, weighing 450 grams each, made with recycled glass. The ecological footprint of a glass bottle is equal to its weight: for every gram of glass produced, an almost equivalent weight of CO₂ is dissipated in the environment. By reducing the weight of the bottle, pollution is therefore also reduced.

Furthermore, we recover coke-bottle glasses to create beautiful water glasses and candles available in our store in San Casciano Val di Pesa. We also pay attention to the recovery of production materials: old barriques, barrels, and vats are transformed into unique pieces by the creativity of our carpenter.

Sustainable packaging for Principe Corsini wine and olive oil

Sustainability in cellar practices is also evident in the choice of materials for corporate packaging. For years we have abandoned polystyrene for wine packaging in favor of cardboard since it has a lower environmental impact. The type of cardboard we use is PEFC certified and comes from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to our innovative, interlocking packaging, we do not use adhesive tape.

The care we place in every gesture of the production of Principe Corsini wines and extra virgin olive oils aims at building a low environmental impact production model, which can be transmitted from generation to generation.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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