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Spumante rosé Principe Corsini: the bubbles of Principe Corsini

Spumante rosé Principe Corsini: the bubbles of Principe Corsini

Sparkling wine of Principe Corsini at the Monaco Yacht Show

The wine production of Principe Corsini at Villa Le Corti also includes a Spumante Rosé, a fresh and pleasant wine to drink both as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to dishes with a delicate flavor.

This year the Spumante of Principe Corsini was present at the Monaco Yacht Show, the exclusive show where the most important shipbuilders present their latest creations. More than 600 companies, manufacturers, designers and suppliers participated. On hot Monegasque days, our sparkling wine has delighted the palate of everyone present. It was in fact offered as an aperitif during the party organized for the yacht owners.

The production method

The Spumante Rosé Principe Corsini originate in the estate of Villa Le Corti at about 270-350 meters above sea level. It is obtained through the Charmat method and produced from 100% Sangiovese grapes, with a long stay on the yeasts.

When the production of this wine began we thought of a different and contemporary way of reading and interpreting the Chianti Classico territory through its main grape, Sangiovese. Our aim was to obtain a wine that was pleasant to drink in every context and here is the excellent result!

Unlike what happens with the other Principe Corsini labels, in this case, the harvest takes place in the firsts days of September, it is anticipated by about 10 – 14 days compared to that of the Sangiovese which will be used for the red wines of our production. This to have a higher level of acidity and a lower alcohol content: 12.5%.

The grapes are harvested in small boxes and then left to ferment for 24 days at a temperature of about 14°C.

Principe Corsini sparkling wine: perfect aperitif with friends

Sparkling wines are ideal for every occasion, especially during parties with friends or family. Spumante Principe Corsini is no exception: its pleasantness is given by a fresh note of red fruits and lemon that is easily appreciated by every palate.

The aperitif is certainly one of the most suitable moments of the day for its tasting accompanied by the classic croutons, cheeses and cold cuts of the Italian tradition.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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