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Duccio Corsini talks about San Casciano Classico territory

Duccio Corsini talks about San Casciano Classico territory

Villa Le Corti and the production of Chianti Classico

Duccio Corsini is the owner of Villa Le Corti in San Casciano Val di Pesa. The estate, immersed in the Chianti Classico area, produces oil and wine from organic and biodynamic cultivation, but it is also an elegant weddings and events venue in Tuscany.

His family and a team of professional oenologists, salespeople, and marketing experts help him in the management of Villa Le Corti. Over the years, the company has grown. So, it became a point of reference for the Sangiovese cultivation, the production of Chianti Classico, and the San Casciano Classico association. Here is his interview.

How did the identity of San Casciano Classico come about?

“San Casciano is the highest municipality of the Chianti Classico denomination. This territory is the homeland of Tignanello by Antinori, but it has always been considered the most commercial part of the denomination. Today, however, it is recognized with its own territorial identity. A result that has been possible thanks to the work of 25 producers of the San Casciano Classico association.

Our work has started from afar. In 2018, for one year we tasted our wines, got to know each other better, and then identified the common points of our production. Then we created the association”.

What are the characteristics of the San Casciano Classico terroir?

“The territory of San Casciano Classico contains river pebbles and the influence of the sea because in the middle there is only Monte Serra. This influence determines a harvest slightly earlier than the central and southern Chianti Classico territories.

The soil also determines the production of fine and more elegant wines in body and structure. So, we could define these wines as vertical and mineral. The opposite, for example, of wines produced in the territory of Castelnuovo Beradenga. There the wines produced, by their nature, are more structured, colorful, and with more tannins. A diversity that gives value to our different wines”.

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What is the history of Villa Le Corti?

“Le Corti nel Chianti Classico is the oldest of the farms still owned by the Corsini family. Its origins date back to 1363. Today the oil mill of Villa Le Corti is the oldest still in operation in the territory. The estate experienced the first change in 1600 with the construction of the most extensive cellars in the territory, to produce wine.

Then, in 1992, the third phase of the estate. I entered the management of the farm, facing the worst harvest of recent years. It was an experience that made me understand the importance of bringing the estate out of the Medieval period where it was confined, leading it to the Renaissance of wine production. A change I am really very proud about”.

Villa Le Corti today: what distinguishes it from the other estates?

“Today, Villa Le Corti has a team of really exceptional under 40 professionals, which led the company towards the future of this territory: elegant and not too colorful wines. The cultivation is organic, and if we think about Fico and Per Filo, they come from biodynamic cultivation. All are accompanied by non-invasive cellar techniques.

Specifically, Fico and Per Filo are made without sulfites and are not filtered. To preserve the identity of the grapes, we produce these wines with the only use of our hands.

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