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Interview with Gianluca Carbone, Sales Manager of Principe Corsini

Interview with Gianluca Carbone, Sales Manager of Principe Corsini

Sales and export strategies for Principe Corsini products

Gianluca Carbone is the Sales Manager of Principe Corsini. His role in the company is managing and supporting the internal sales team, both for the Italian and foreign markets.

Like many other Tuscan wineries, Principe Corsini exports 70-75% of the product abroad. For this reason, it is central to have a reference figure within the company that coordinates distributors and business partners, following a specific sales strategy.

How has digital activity benefited you despite the pandemic?

“Since 2019, we have set up a comprehensive digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing our brand awareness and visibility. Principe Corsini is a medium-small company, therefore our ability to make the brand known to private consumers through traditional systems is inferior compared to other already well-known companies.

However, having already started the work necessary to grow our digital business, in 2020, we were able to expand and refine it. So, despite the pandemic, we found ourselves in the most critical year with a competitive edge over others. This advantage allowed us to achieve great results, and the pandemic has definitely accelerated this process”.

How did the idea of ​​B2B and B2C online stores come about?

“The idea of our B2B and B2C online shops originated from the desire of the owner, Duccio Corsini, to interact directly with the public of consumers, both private and companies. Digital is one of the most effective ways to do this because it is less expensive than other channels. With a few targeted investments, we have therefore created a new Business Unit dedicated to online sales.

Our two new e-commerce platforms are attractive from a graphic point of view, and they have been designed to make the shopping experience easy, fast, and secure. We are confident that over the next few years, online sales will continue to grow and represent a great part of the company’s sales”.

What are the main features of the online shop for private customers?

“Our private shop is accessible from the website We designed it to generate greater brand awareness and create greater demand for our products from Villa Le Corti and Tenuta Marsiliana. It is likely that, when consumers already know our wine, they will look for it in a restaurant or wine shop.

In addition, buying on our e-commerce wines and the different types of extra virgin olive oil Principe Corsini allows access to numerous advantages: the loyalty points to convert into discounts, the “Bring a friend” promo, and the gift cards that you can give to friends and relatives”.

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Digiwine is the B2B Shop: what distinguishes it?

“Our B2B Shop is called Digiwine and is reserved to Italian operators in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector in possession of a VAT number. The idea of ​​this platform stems from Duccio Corsini’s desire to offer itself to Business-to-Business customers directly, without resorting to a network of commercial intermediaries.

Digiwine is our channel addressed to restaurateurs and wine merchants, to whom we can distribute our products in Italy ensuring them an important saving of time and money. On Digiwine it is possible to buy our wines and extra virgin olive oils at competitive prices and without any minimum order. Registration is fast and completely free”.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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