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EVO and DOP oil 2020: harvest and pressing for Principe Corsini

EVO and DOP oil 2020: harvest and pressing for Principe Corsini

The new oil of Fattoria Villa Le Corti

The olive harvest at Fattoria Villa Le Corti in Chianti Classico began on 15th October 2020 for the production of the new vintages of DOP Oil Le Corti and Evo Oil Le Corti.

This vintage, with lots of excellent quality olives, determined the production of oil of beautiful green color, with scents of artichoke, fresh grass, basil, and green apple. The mouthfeel is intense, persistent, and spicy. Ideal with Tuscan bruschetta with garlic, it is great to accompany vegetables, legume soups, grilled meats, and tartare with raw oil.

Oil from organic cultivation

The farm of Villa Le Corti has over 13,000 olive trees that extend over about 51 hectares of surface. In 2003 the company obtained the denomination Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chianti Classico DOP and in 2007 the certification of organic oil was issued by Q Certifications.

The main variety of olive trees is Moraiolo, followed by Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino. The harvest is manual and the pressing takes place within 6 hours. All the oils produced at Villa Le Corti are immediately filtered to preserve over time the fresh scents of the first period.

EVO oil Le Corti 2020

The production of Principe Corsini includes two types of oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and “Chianti Classico” DOP from certified organic farming.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an intense and fruity aroma, is produced by the combination of three types of olives: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino. The oil is preserved in ancient “orciai” (oil jars) inside one of the largest and oldest Chianti Classico “orciaia”, in the cellars of Villa Le Corti. The available formats are the 0,500 lt/0,750 lt bottle and the Bag in Box 3 lt.

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DOP oil Le Corti 2020

Extra virgin olive oil DOP Chianti Classico is produced with organic olives Frantoio and Moraiolo. The reduced time between harvesting and pressing, the speed of olive processing, and low temperature allow us to obtain a fragrant, fresh, and dry oil.

The result is a real juice of oil that arrives on the table keeping all its characteristics intact. Fattoria di Villa Le Corti packages this oil in bottles in various sizes 0,100 lt/0,250 lt/0,500 lt.

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The characteristics of EVO oil

The first ingredient to obtain a quality extra virgin olive oil are healthy olives, ripe at the right point, and cultivated with an organic farming regime. The second element is determined by the method of harvest and press.

The harvest has to be manual and the pressing has to take place within 6 hours. The processing must be carried out cold. Finally, the oil must be immediately filtered to remove the water present, to give it that typical bitter and spicy taste, synonymous with quality.

Tips to correctly store EVO oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicate product. To maintain all its characteristics, it must be preserved correctly. Here are our tips. First of all, EVO oil should not be exposed to heat and light sources.

It must also be stored in a suitable container to maintain the taste and properties of the oil. The best containers are dark-colored glass bottles and tin, especially the Bag in Box. These containers reduce the risk of air coming into contact with the oil.

“New Oil Day” at Villa Le Corti

The first “New Oil Day” was established on 1st November 2020, commissioned by a group of Tuscan producers formed by Villa Le Corti, Fattoria di Maiano, Capezzana, Fonterutoli, and Volmiano. This festival is dedicated to new oil and enriched by the preview of the production of 2020 extra virgin olive oil.

Every year, on this date, there will be initiatives to promote new olive oil in Tuscany: activities to spread knowledge of the oil, visits to the mill, tastings, and themed dinners to make known the characteristics of the oil EVO.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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