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Le Corti: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chianti Classico DOP

Le Corti: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chianti Classico DOP

In addition to the production of Chianti Classico wines, at Villa Le Corti there are over 13,000 olive trees, a cultivation that extends over 70 hectares of hills forming part of the estate. The prevalent variety is the classic Frantoio, in addition to the cultivars Moraiolo and Leccino.

The oil obtained from the processing of olives, strictly on site at the farm of the estate, is bottled and labeled as Le Corti extra virgin olive oil Chianti Classico DOP.

Harvesting and pressing at Villa Le Corti

The cultivation and processing of olives is geared towards achieving the highest quality. After the frost of 1985 which destroyed 96% of the olive trees, we resumed our activities with determination, succeeding in 2003 in obtaining the DOP designation and in 2007 the certification of organic oil.

The olive harvest takes place between October and November strictly by hand. The pressing takes place immediately within 6 hours.

“At Le Corti – explains Duccio Corsini – we have our own oil mill and this makes the difference. The experience of the miller and the way of driving the machines give an added value that is difficult to reach in mills that are not self-managed, both for processing times and for temperatures without forgetting the level of cleaning required for high-quality productions.”

The organic oil Le Corti DOP among the best evo oils in the world

In 2013, the organic oil Le Corti DOP grown and pressed at Villa Le Corti by Principe Corsini was recognized by the magazine Der Feinschmecker in Hamburg as one of the 200 best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

“The Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP – underlines Duccio Corsini – of Villa Le Corti has characteristics that have brought it to the top of quality. The climate, the exposure of our olive groves and the soil are essential for obtaining ripe and healthy olives. To this must be added even the very narrow time that exists between the harvesting and processing at the mill.”

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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