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Venusio, Vermentino and Sparkling wine Rosé 2021: Principe Corsini summer wines

Venusio, Vermentino and Sparkling wine Rosé 2021: Principe Corsini summer wines

Harvest 2021: few grapes but excellent quality

The 2021 harvest recorded a decrease in the number of grapes harvested (about 10% less than in 2020). However, the drop was offset by the high quality of the grapes. A quality that has given rise to the new 2021 vintages is very appreciated.

Venusio 2021 Rosato IGT Toscana and Sparkling wine Rosé produced at Villa Le Corti together with Vermentino 2021 IGT Toscana produced at Tenuta Marsiliana in Maremma have been premiered at Vinitaly 2022, enjoying great success. The same appreciations arrived during the Anteprima vini Costa Toscana 2022 and Enolia. These three labels are available in the Summer Box on the Principe Corsini online Shop.

Vermentino IGT Toscana from the heart of Maremma

The lands of Tenuta Marsiliana, about 20 hectares in Manciano, in the south of the Tuscan Maremma, are mainly composed of sand and silt on the clay, giving rise to extraordinary Mediterranean expressions of the Bordeaux blend.

Vermentino 2021 IGT Toscana by Principe Corsini was born in Tenuta Marsiliana. In this white wine from organic cultivation, the proximity of the sea is evident in the glass. The result is a fresh, savory, and mineral wine that evokes the sea. The palate is fruity and delicate with a verticality balanced by citrus tension: an expressive rainbow between peach, lemon, mango, apricot and pineapple.

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Venusio Rosé IGT Toscana, 100% organic Sangiovese

Venusio is the Rosé IGT Toscana produced at Villa Le Corti by organic and vegan farming, 100% still Sangiovese. The vineyards from which it originates are in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the northern area of Chianti Classico.

Venusio is a different way to drink Sangiovese. Its name and label take their originins from an idea of Fiona, sister of Duccio Corsini. The inspiration comes from Venus, goddess of agricultural life and muse of gardens and vegetable gardens.
This coral pink wine expresses the idea of lightness. The aroma recalls nuances of Mandarin, peach flowers and cyclamen, and the mouthfeel is fresh and balanced, showing great versatility.

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Sparkling wine Rosé, a different expression of Chianti Classico

Sparkling wine Rosé Principe Corsini, Charmat Method, is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, and represents a different way of reading the territory of Chianti Classico through its main grape variety.

This sparkling wine, with bright orange-pink reflections, seduces with notes of rose petals, freshly picked raspberry, white peach and tangerine peel. The glass is lively and creamy. Its bubbles quench through a refreshing acidity balanced by the fruit and closes with delicate shades of marzipan and orange. Its freshness is due to the Sangiovese, which gives it personality and vitality.

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