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Sangiovese grape: Zac, Fico and Per Filo three crus of Villa Le Corti

Sangiovese grape: Zac, Fico and Per Filo three crus of Villa Le Corti

Sangiovese grapes of Villa Le Corti in Chianti Classico

At Villa Le Corti, the Sangiovese grapes covers almost all the vineyards. Le Corti Chianti Classico vintage, Cortevecchia Chianti Classico Riserva, and Don Tommaso Chianti Classico Gran Selezione are the three most representative wines of the tradition, made with a cut of Sangiovese combined with small parts of autochthonous varieties such as Colorino.

However, from the Gugliaie vineyard comes an exception linked to the production of three 100% Sangiovese Cru wines.

The cultivation of Sangiovese in the Gugliaie vineyard

Gugliaie is the vineyard of Villa Le Corti, planted in 1997. The previously raised cordon spur was converted to guyot in 2021. This pure Sangiovese vine respects the natural flow of sap inside the plant, from the roots to leaves and bunches. It is certified organic, like the rest of the company, and since 2015 is grown according to biodynamic management.

Zac, Fico, and Per Filo are three 100% Sangiovese wines produced by the Gugliaie vineyard. Extremely personal, in the proper sense of the term, these wines are intimately linked to the people who inspired, conceived, and produced them.

Zac, the Sangiovese wine dedicated to Anna Corsini

Zac is the acronym born many years ago among the great-grandchildren of Zia (Aunt) Anna Corsini, sister of Tommaso. After his death, she became the point of reference for the whole family.
“Zac is dedicated to Zia Anna Corsini who gave me a lot: simplicity, rigor, determination, elegance” Duccio Corsini.

Zac is a simple wine produced from Sangiovese grapes with spontaneous fermentation. It is a rigorous wine from which its terroir and the climatic trend of each vintage shine through. The result is a Sangiovese of rank, refined, elegant, elegant.

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Sangiovese wine produced with spontaneous fermentation

The first bottles of Zac date back to the 2008 harvest. Later, thanks to this Cru success, the production extended to the entire vineyard. But the product remains under 5.000 bottles per year.

“Zia Anna traveled all over the world, raised Maremma dogs, went sailing and skid throughout her long life. I realize writing that white, the dominant color, is nothing more than a synthesis of our common passions” Duccio Corsini.

Fico, Filippo Corsini's Sangiovese wine

“How can I tell Fico story, what brought me here, what led me to mess with the grapes my father loves so much?” Filippo Corsini

Before being a pure Sangiovese, biodynamic, naturally fermented, aged in used barriques, and bottled with light and sustainable glass, Fico is the wine of Filippo Corsini. His dream, his project.

Through this wine, Filippo has found his way into the wine history of the Corsini family, giving his personal contribution. To seek and find in wine, as well as in life, genuineness, and essentiality.

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The vinification of Fico Sangiovese wine

The harvest of Fico grapes takes place in the first half of September. Many relatives and friends of the Corsini family attend the event, from all over the world.

The rigorous selection of grapes takes place in three phases. First of all, in the vineyard with the manual harvest. Later, in the cellar with the choice of bunches before the ginning. Finally, on the sorting table for a further selection of the best grapes. The grapes then fill the barriques opened by our carpenter. From this moment, the spontaneous alcoholic fermentation begins, thanks to the fermentative yeasts present on the berries of Sangiovese and in our secular cellar. The grapes in the small barrels are mixed manually.

Fico IGT Toscana Sangiovese

During the fermentation, the grapes in the small barrels are mixed manually. The day of racking is determined by the end of fermentation. The pomaces give the wine color and aromas. After crushing, Sangiovese is put back in its fermentation barrique to age until the following autumn and before being bottled. Each year only a few hundred bottles of fig are produced. Each is numbered and unique.

“What I wanted was to allow the land and grapes to speak through wine, to make a high quality artisanal wine by practicing a biodynamic viticulture respectful of the environment. I was looking at the past, to look forward” Filippo Corsini.

Per Filo IGT Toscana Sangiovese

With the 2017 harvest, Per Filo was born, the second wine that Filippo had created. With this 100% Sangiovese wine from the vineyard Gugliaie, Clotilde, and Duccio Corsini, parents of Filippo, continue his work. The soil of Sangiovese used for Per Filo has a lower skeleton presence than the nearby Fico. The management of the vineyard is always biodynamic.

The grapes that reach the winery for the harvest ferment in barrels slightly larger than the barriques, the tonneaux. The winemaking process is the same as in Fico, with the same attention to detail. The limited annual production is about two thousand bottles, also to guarantee the extreme care of the product.

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