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New Oil Day 2021 at Villa Le Corti

New Oil Day 2021 at Villa Le Corti

The 1st November appointment with the New Oil Day 2021

For the second year, Villa Le Corti will host the Day of New Oil on the first of November 2021. The initiative, launched for the first time in 2020 by Tuscan producers, is dedicated to green gold. The day will offer the presentation of Principe Corsini’s 2021 extra virgin olive oil production.

At Villa Le Corti, as in many other places, you can visit the oil mill. You can also participate in guided tastings to learn about the characteristics of extra virgin olive oil produced in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the heart of Chianti Classico.

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Guided tours to the oil mill of Villa Le Corti

In 2021 Principe Corsini renovated its oil mill. The old plant had turned 20 years old and needed new machinery and functionality to ensure the high quality that has always been the goal here at Villa Le Corti oil. Since 1900, the company has completed 14 operations to improve the oil mill and ensure the quality of the oil produced remains high.

The new mill, now equipped with cutting-edge machinery, is the result of the centuries-old experience of the Corsini family. The oil production activity dates back to 1367 when the family decided to buy Fattoria Le Corti. On the first of November, it will be possible to visit it and discover how the Evo oil was born.

The innovations of Le Corti oil mill

In the new oil mill of Villa le Corti, the spaces host innovative machinery able to guarantee a faster and better quality oil production. Among the innovations, there is a hopper on the street floor for easier unloading of the olives. The company also bought an external deramifoliator for the cleaning of the olives, harvested through mechanized systems.

The new variable-speed crusher has an integrated cooling and washing sleeve. In the crusher, there is also three new 600 kg gramole with cold/hot conditioning shirt and integrated washing, and a two-phase decanter.

The ancient tradition of tasting extra virgin olive oil

The olive tree is a precious plant for Mediterranean people. Over the millennia, it has shaped landscapes, cultures, and traditions. In Italy, Evo oil has a central role not because it is one of the protagonists of the Mediterranean diet. But also for its figurative meaning of an indestructible nature.

In the past, families traveled a lot to buy the new oil in demijohns, just out of the mill. That was a moment of great symbolic value, as it represented a ritual for the family. The same family lived during the visit to the mills and the tasting of new oil on “bruschetta”, real moments of celebration.
That is why we chose the 1st of November to celebrate the new oil. We hope to bring people closer to traditions that are being lost.

EVO oil, the excellence of Made in Italy

The first ingredient to get a quality Evo oil is healthy olives. To obtain intact fruit, it is important to guarantee a rigorous organic farming practice, respecting the environment.
The second element that determines the excellent quality of the oil depends on harvesting and pressing. Olives are delicate fruits.

The harvest has to be manual, and the pressing must take place within six hours to avoid oxidation and early fermentation. The olives must also be processed at temperatures below 25 º C. Otherwise, the quality of the oil will be lower. Finally, the filtration of the oil must eliminate all the residual vegetation water to avoid attacks of bacteria.

How to properly store EVO oil

An excellent extra virgin olive oil is recognized in the mouth. It has a typical taste tending to bitter and spicy that is synonymous with high quality. To maintain all the goodness of the oil, as just produced, here are some conservation tips.

First of all, it is important to avoid exposure to sources of heat and light, choosing a container that allows you to maintain the unaltered taste and properties of the oil. This also eliminates the risk of oxidation and rancidity.
The best containers are glass bottles of dark color, tin, and in particular Bag in Box. This kind of receptacle allows reducing the risk of air in contact with the oil.

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