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Moraiolo Dop Oil Le Corti


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Villa Le Corti

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Producer: Villa Le Corti
Denomination: Olio extravergine di oliva
Production area: San Casciano in Val di pesa
Exposition: South
Vines density per hectares: 190/340 per ha.
Varieties: Moraiolo
Picking tecnique: Hand-picked



Gambero Rosso – Oli d’Italia 2021Two red leaves
Merum1 Heart - So good oil


Extraction technique

Notes about the oil

This extra virgin oil obtained from 100% Moraiolo organic olives. The olives are completely handcrafted in the modern and equipped oil mill of the farm. The goal is to obtain maximum quality. The harvest is manual and takes place between 15 October and 5 November. The pressing takes place strictly within 6 hours since the collection at a temperature that never exceeds 26 degrees to emphasize the perfumes.

The olives are processed in our Estate owned olive mill within 6 hours of harvest at controlled temperature below 26° C. Once extracted, the oil is filtered and stored in the absence of air. The olive mill is set- up as follows:

  • Washing: in spring water with the leaves being suctioned prior to pressing;
  • Pressing: in a slow rotation hammer mill;
  • Kneading: varies according to the variety and ripening stage of the olives, with the utmost respect for the characteristics. The kneading tanks are closed to limit oxidation;
  • Extraction: with a three-way decanter whose nominal capacity is 12 quintals per hour.
  • Separation: carried out using a self-cleaning centrifugal separator.

Short time between harvest and pressing, process speed and low temperature allowed to obtain a fragrant, fresh and dry oil with notes of fresh grass and artichoke.



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