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New Sangiovese vineyard at Villa Le Corti: Cortevecchia 2023

New Sangiovese vineyard at Villa Le Corti: Cortevecchia 2023

Sangiovese vineyard with organic and biodynamic management

Cortevecchia 2023 is the name of the new Sangiovese vineyard on the Villa Le Corti estate. The new cuttings were planted in May 2023, and the name chosen is a tribute to the vineyard of the same name, not far away, in Cortevecchia.

The management of the vineyard will be organic and biodynamic, and all work will follow the calendar based on the phases of the moon and the movements and positions of the planets. Cortevecchia 2023 will enter production in about four or five years, in 2027/2028.

The characteristics of the soil that accommodates the Sangiovese vineyard

Cortevecchia 2023 stands on the grounds of an old vineyard planted in 1991 and grubbed up in 2015. For a full five years, in order to increase the humus in the soil and before planting the Sangiovese rooted cuttings, the field was planted exclusively with alfalfa and emmer.

The extent of the vineyard is 2.9 hectares. There are about 5,200 plants per hectare. The soil, with a medium texture, is characterized by an abundant presence of river pebbles. The planting spacing is 2.40 meters between rows and 80 centimeters between plants.

What's new in Villa Le Corti winery

The Cortevecchia 2023 vineyard, however, is not the only novelty at Villa Le Corti. In fact, several new tools for wine aging have arrived in the cellar as well.
In particular, four 50hl concrete tanks and one 15hl concrete tank, produced by the Nico Velo company, have been added.

In addition to these, the aging department also saw the arrival of four 25hl French oak barrels from Tonnelerie Nadalie and two 750lt amphorae from the Tava company. An important investment that the Principe Corsini winery has supported to raise the quality of wine production even higher.

Aging in barrels, tanks and amphorae for Principe Corsini wines

The 25hl French oak barrels will replace the old barrels, purchased in 1993 for the aging of Cortevecchia. The concrete tanks, on the other hand, will be used to decrease the aging time of Cortevecchia, Don Tommaso and Zac in wood, before the transition to the bottle. In this way, the winery’s commitment to decreasing the amount of wood on the wines continues.

Finally, the amphorae will be used for the two wines of the Fico Wine project. Here, too, the passage in wood will decrease, even though aging already takes place in heavily used barriques, and for this reason they have a very limited release.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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