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Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast Association: Duccio Corsini is the new president

Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast Association: Duccio Corsini is the new president

Duccio Corsini leads the consortium of coastal wines of Tuscany

There’s a new president for Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast, the association that brings together 65 winegrowers of the Tuscan coastal territory. The newly elected president is Duccio Corsini, among the founding partners of the Association and member of the Board of Directors, who represents Tenuta Marsiliana in Manciano, Grosseto.

After 17 years of success, Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini, owner of Tenuta Ghizzano, has decided to leave the leadership of the Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast Association, and Duccio Corsini has taken her place.

“We are living in a period that will anticipate great changes and, in order to face them, we need to know our territory and our productions in greater depth, without neglecting the aspects that have repercussions from the social point of view, like the environment and the landscape: our gift to local communities. Combine our Wisdom and pass it on in the languages ​​and with the tools of today and in the future: this will be the new way to go”.

This is how Duccio Corsini described his will for the future of the Association.

Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast Association

Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast was founded in Bolgheri in 2003 from the will of 12 Tuscan producers to promote and spread the quality of wine production in the provinces of Massa, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, Grosseto.

What distinguishes this vast wine-growing area is in fact the influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea which, with its breeze and scent, claims to shape the character of the wines produced here, while generating the peculiarities of each one.

IGT Costa Toscana, the name for wines from the maritime territory

Over the years the Association has grown and has collected important goals, first of all, the recognition of the IGT Costa Toscana appellation in 2010. Grandi Cru della Costa Toscana today includes about 65 producers united by the objective of a joint promotion of quality, which conveys a precise and personal message of valorization of the territory.

This terroir, in fact, is heterogeneous but at the same time represents the idea of a unique consciousness, both for intent and for objectives.

Anteprima Vini della Costa 2021: annual review of the Great Crus of the Tuscan Coast

One of the most important initiatives to enhance the wine production of the area is the Anteprima Vini della Costa, the exhibition dedicated to wine lovers, sector specialists, and the press, which is held every year in Lucca.

A journey from the north to the south of the region, inspired by the high quality of the Tuscan coast wines. The traditional event, which this year celebrates 20 years since its establishment, will take place on 8 and 9 May at the Royal College of Lucca. In particular, this year it will be possible to participate in a large horizontal tasting to celebrate the anniversary: ​​”Preview 20 years later. The 2001 Harvest “.

Tenuta Marsiliana, the Maremma terroir

The main agronomic objective of Tenuta Marsiliana, located in Manciano in the province of Grosseto, has always been to emphasize the specificities of the Maremma terroir. For this reason, since the end of the ‘90s, Duccio Corsini has conducted an extensive ampelographic experiment to understand which vines could best express the uniqueness of the place.

The choice fell on “returning” vines, but for years now assimilated by the winemaking fabric of Tuscany: mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot which today occupy 80% of the property’s vineyards, about 20 hectares in total.

Principe Corsini wines made in Maremma

The estate’s vineyards have a South/South-West exposure, with an average height of 100 meters above sea level. The coast is just 12 km away and the proximity of the sea, in addition to the richness of minerals in the soil, allows for the production of fine wines while respecting the environment, seasonality, and the rhythms of nature.

The wines of Tenuta Marsiliana are Vermentino Costa Toscana IGT, Birillo Costa Toscana IGT and Marsiliana Costa Toscana IGT.

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