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Extra virgin olive oil: harvest and pressing 2022

Extra virgin olive oil: harvest and pressing 2022

Chianti Classico extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil has beneficial properties and is one of the foods that has become part of the Mediterranean culture. At the Fattoria di Villa Le Corti, we have been studying the art of olive harvesting and pressing since 1363, when the Corsini family decided to invest its resources in the Chianti Classico area.

In these centuries of constant activity, innovation has continuously transformed into tradition in a virtuous circle that revolves around two key points: the care of the cultivation of our olive trees and the quality of our oil.

Olive varieties cultivated at Villa Le Corti

Under the careful management of Duccio Corsini, the Evo oil of Villa Le Corti has obtained several awards. In 2003, the recognition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chianti Classico DOP, and in 2007 the organic certification.
Currently, the cultivation counts about 13,000 plants on 63 hectares of land. The cultivated varieties are:

Frantoio which gives an oil medium intense, but with great complexity and elegance,
Leccino is easily recognizable thanks to the raven-black color of the olives, which produces a slightly bitter and spicy oil
Moraiolo with fruity and vegetal notes

Evo oil and organic oil Dop Villa Le Corti

Among the over 500 varieties of olives present in Italy, we have chosen these three for the production of our oil: EVO oil and organic DOP oil of Chianti Classico. For the latter, in addition to the classic line, we also produce the Frantoio mono cultivar oil.

The 2022 oil campaign started in mid-October. The harvest is done by means of mechanical shakers that detach the fruit from the plant, quickly but respectfully. From the nets below, olives are collected and transported immediately to the mill of Villa Le Corti. This is one of the main factors to ensure the quality of a good Evo oil: the speed with which the processing is completed, to avoid fermentation phenomena that damage the olives and therefore the oil.

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Sustainability and olive harvest

EVO oil tastes better as soon as it is crushed. That’s why on November the 1st, we organize the New Oil Day, now in its third edition in 2022. A great initiative to bring people back to rediscover the “green gold” and what lies behind its sustainable and quality production.

Sustainability is what we are aiming for. The olive pomace, a waste product of oil production, is reused and transformed into peanut, an exceptional biofuel with high calorific value. A Villa Le Corti is used to heat water and rooms. The pomace peanut is 100% ecological and sustainable: it does not have chemical additives, reduces fumes and ash to a minimum, and does not require the felling of trees.

Olive juice with beneficial properties

Over the centuries, extra virgin olive has become part of the Mediterranean culture, loved all over the world, thanks to its important antioxidant characteristics and fight against free radicals, preventing age-related cellular damage.

Moreover, Evo oil guarantees the defense of the digestive system by reducing the secretion of gastric acids that can cause ulcers. It has a detoxifying action to prevent proper liver function. Finally, it promotes the protection of the cardiovascular system through the regulation of cholesterol.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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