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Chianti Classico vintage 2021: lower grapes but excellent quality

Chianti Classico vintage 2021: lower grapes but excellent quality

Villa Le Corti, the 2021 harvest began in early September

The 2021 Principe Corsini harvest began on 7 September at Villa Le Corti in the Chianti Classico area. The first activity involved the thinning of Sangiovese destined for the base of Sparkling wine Principe Corsini and Venusio wine rosé.

Later the real harvest began both at Villa Le Corti and Tenuta Marsiliana in Maremma. The grape harvest will end by mid-October with the bunches for Vin Santo Sant’Andrea Corsini. For this particular production, the grapes are spread on mats and then spend three months drying in the so-called vinsantaia. After the pressing, the wort remains for ten years in the barrels to ferment.

Chianti vintage 2021: the yield is lower, but the quality grape is excellent

According to the forecasts, the 2021 harvest will have a slightly lower yield than 2020 due to the lower quantity of grapes (about 10-15% less), but the quality is excellent. So, there are great expectations about this vintage.

Summer 2021 was hot, especially in July and August, with not abundant rainfall but arrived with perfect timing. The rains of late August, abundant and after almost two months of drought, have helped our organic grapes to arrive in splendid shape at the time of the harvest.

Principe Corsini and the collection of organic grapes in Chianti Classico

Principe Corsini’s approach has always been sustainable and respectful of nature and the environment. The company has been certified organic since 2015, and the goal is always not to use overly invasive treatments.
To combat infections and diseases, unlike traditional agriculture, we use contact products that are not absorbed by plants.

On the farm, we follow a series of sustainable practices in the vineyards that provide continuous controls to be ready in case of disease or infections.
To increase fertility and protect soils, we improve the practice of green manure. Moreover, we use fertilizers with little intake of nitrites and nitrates, as well as limited amounts of copper and sulfur for treatments.

Fico and Per Filo 2021 harvest

In mid-September, the harvest of Sangiovese grapes from the organic and biodynamic Gugliaie vineyard began. These grapes need to produce Fico and Per Filo. Two red wines produced according to the Fico Wine project values by Filippo Corsini.

Like every year, friends and relatives of Filippo found each other in the days of the harvest to remember the young man.
For this particular harvest, the process of harvesting and selecting the grapes provides three different moments: the first selection takes place in the vineyard, then there is a further selection before the arrival of the grapes on the sorting belt and a third on the sorting belt.

The process of fermentation and refinement of the Fico Wine project

Once the selection phase of the grapes ends, the fermentation of the grapes destined to Fico takes place in open barriques, while that of Per Filo in open tonneaux. For the racking, which takes place within a few weeks, the timing follows the biodynamic calendar of Maria Thun.

The aging takes place in the barriques and tonneaux used for the previous fermentation of Fico and Per Filo.
On the 1st of October, Gugliaie vineyard hosted Sangiovese harvest for the production of Zac, the Principe Corsini grand cru.

For the 2021 olive oil campaign, the company renews its mill

At the end of the harvest will start the 2021 olive oil campaign with several novelties. Principe Corsini has renewed its mill making changes that improve the service. Also, this year, on the first of November, the company renewed the appointment with the Day of New Oil.

Here are the novelties of the mill: the hopper on the street floor for easier unloading of the olives and the external deramifoliator for cleaning the olives harvested through mechanized systems.
The company also purchased a new variable speed breaker equipped with an integrated cooling and washing jacket. In the crusher there are also three new 600 kg gramole with cold/hot conditioning shirts and integrated washing and an innovative two-phase decanter.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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