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Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay: new payment methods

Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay: new payment methods

Buy online and choose the payment method

Easy, fast, and safe payments with Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, and Paypal. To enjoy only the best of the wine and extra virgin olive oil produced by the company Principe Corsini choose the payment that you prefer.

With the new online Shop, you can choose between the 15 wine labels and the DOP and EVO oil produced at Villa Le Corti, Chianti Classico, and Tenuta Marsiliana, Maremma. How to pay? You can choose Credit Card or Paypal, or use the new payment methods.

If you already have the account, pay with Amazon Pay

More and more people in Italy and all over the world use Amazon Pay to make online purchases. That’s why we chose to include this as a payment method for wines and oil Principe Corsini.

To pay through Amazon Pay you just need an Amazon account and no card details are required. The entire process is protected by maximum security systems and using the data already present in the Amazon account, the payment is very fast.

With iPhone, iPad and Mac buy via Apple pay

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac you can also pay with Apple Pay. Once you’ve added your card to your smartphone or another device, just sign in to the Apple Pay app.

Once you enter all your billing, shipping, and contact information, Apple Pay stores your data without you having to re-enter it again. Insert Principe Corsini products in the cart, make the purchase, and confirm the payment. Everything is done in total safety.

Payments with cards saved to your Google Pay account

Google Pay is also a quick and easy way to pay on the Principe Corsini Shop. If you have a Google account and you have already saved cards, choose this secure payment method.

Google Pay also protects your data and allows you to make purchases in total tranquility, using your existing account. Just add your card details to your account, select the wines and oil of Villa Le Corti and Tenuta Marsiliana then pay without worries.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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