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Christmas promotions on Principe Corsini products

Christmas promotions on Principe Corsini products

Buy and give Chianti Classico wine and oil

Christmas 2020 is coming. Don’t be unprepared! Take advantage of our proposals and discover many products to put under the tree or to give to anyone you want. In our online shop, you can find gift ideas with wine and oil in wooden boxes, gift cards, and special accessories by Principe Corsini.

Celebrate with all the quality of our products: Chianti Classico wine, IGT Tuscany wine, and extra virgin olive oil of our production. Bring all the flavor of Principe Corsini wines and oil to your home.

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Special gift ideas for your friends and family

To impress your friends and family with a very special Christmas present, choose among the gift ideas Principe Corsini. On our online shop, you can find promotions on wine and oil packages, accompanied by elegant wooden boxes.

You can choose between the wines of Villa Le Corti Don Tommaso, Cortevecchia, Le Corti and Zac, and the EVO Chianti Classico oil squeezed in our mill. In the gift ideas, you can also find the packages with the wines of Tenuta Marsiliana Birillo, Marsiliana, and Vermentino.

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Gift cards for Christmas corporate presents

For this Christmas put under the tree Principe Corsini gift cards: prepaid cards to purchase products in our online shop.

You can choose between the single Gift Card with a value of € 70,00 and the Multiple Gift Card with a value of € 70,00 but a cost of € 49,70, for a minimum purchase of 5 Gift Cards. Take advantage! The Multiple Gift Card is also perfect for making your corporate gifts, without worries.

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Gift accessories for table and kitchen

Bring a touch of Villa Le Corti’s atmosphere to your home and your loved ones. For this Christmas, choose from table and kitchen accessories and buy them at our Shop. You will find the Principe Corsini wooden boxes from one, two, or three bottles, or the maxi wooden box for magnum bottles.

To complete the sommelier kit, buy the practical multifunctional corkscrew and the Principe Corsini apron, ideal for practical cooking. Finally, to make every moment special, buy the scented candles Fico and Principe Corsini. They’ll come to your house packed and ready to be discarded.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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