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The organic, biodynamic and vegan cultivation regime

The organic, biodynamic and vegan cultivation regime

Cultivation with reduced environmental impact

Soil is not only a substrate on which plants grow, but it is a complex system that ensures the well-being of everything that grows there. Paying particular attention to the soil allows us to ensure the best possible growth of vineyards. Autumn and spring are the main seasons to intervene on crops. At the end of the harvest, the different types of seeds are sown in the vineyards, while in spring the vegetal mass is chopped and then buried.

As for organic cultivation, the treatments are carried out with products that protect the vines from different diseases but do not enter within the lymphatic system of the plant. The term vegan means instead crops without using products from animal origin.

Wines are the expression of the terroir in which they grow

Grapes and wines, which represent the full expression of the terroir in which they grow, benefit positively from the cultivation that does not alter its characteristics.

While in conventional agriculture synthetic products modify some characteristics of the plant, in natural crops the use of contact products (which do not alter the lymphatic system) promotes the well-being of the plant, making even better the fruit. Finally, particular care of the soil allows us to obtain a grape that contains all the characteristics of the territory.

The organic Chianti Classico of Villa Le Corti

The labels of Chianti Classico of Villa Le Corti, in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, are cultivated in compliance with the organic regime characterized by a great minerality of the land, determined by the presence of white stones of river or lake origin.

The heat management is very different depending on the zones and the minerality of the soil, determined by the presence of stones. The stones, in fact, are considered inert material, but they are not at all. Indeed, through their characteristics, they contribute to make the soil a complete system.

The natural cultivation of vineyards and land

The consumer is increasingly looking for products from sustainable cultivation. To meet this need, therefore, it is important to cultivate in order to reduce the environmental impact. A choice that is not always obvious. In fact, there are still many farms that cultivate traditional crops.

Cultivating in a sustainable way, however, means working with accuracy and more controls in the vineyard. In recent years, the institutions have made economic contributions to the transition from conventional to organic farming. Many companies have collected contributions, but then returned to conventional farming. In the Principe Corsini estate, however, the goal is to cultivate every vineyard with a natural regime that does not alter the land and vineyards.

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The Principe Corsini winery produces organic and vegan wine and oil in the estates of Villa Le Corti and La Marsiliana.

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