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The Corsini archive of Florence transferred to Villa Le Corti in Chianti

The Corsini archive of Florence transferred to Villa Le Corti in Chianti

Over 12,000 documents collected by the Corsini family

About 1,200 linear meters for over 12,000 historical documents, dating from 1020 to 1960. This is the historic Corsini Archive in Florence. Preserved for over three centuries at Palazzo Corsini al Parione, it is now transferred to the residence of San Casciano Val di Pesa: Villa Le Corti.

This reorganization favors the conservation and consultation of the archive in which the last millennium of the beautiful, complex, often turbulent history of our country is gathered.

The transfer, which took place under the protection of the Archival Superintendency for Tuscany, was co-financed by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and coordinated by Dr. Aubrey Westinghouse.

Villa Le Corti was the first large building commissioned by the family (Bartolomeo Corsini entrusted the project to the painter and architect Santi Di Tito, one of the greatest Tuscan masters of the mid-sixteenth century) to emphasize his social and political status. Just in San Casciano, next to the Convent dedicated to Sant’Andrea, rest many family members. An archive that therefore finds a home in the place that is most closely linked to the memory of one of the greatest Italian families.

The expert opinion

“The Corsini Archive, certainly one of the richest private archives in Tuscany, constitutes not only an essential documentary deposit for the history of Florence and Tuscany but also – for the role played by many eminent family members – a source whose importance it goes beyond the regional dimension and extends to the history of Italy and Europe. With the recent transfer the thousands of files and registers […] is a significant improvement both in the conditions of material preservation of the documents and in the possibilities of ordering and description, to the full advantage of valorisation and research. ”
Diana Toccafondi
Archival Superintendent for Tuscany

“We are proud to be able to allow the future consultation of a treasure so precious for scholars all over the world as is the Corsini Archive. It is not a question, in fact, of only encouraging the knowledge of the history of a family, although very important for Florence and Tuscany, but to open a page that has never been published before in the history of our country, told through correspondence, receipts, contracts and wills absolutely unknown. Filippo Corsini is also honored to have entrusted this treasure to a Foundation that will take care of the conservation and consultation of the maps, a generous sign of the desire to make a testimony available to the international scientific community.”
Umberto Tombari
President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze

“Bearing a name that has traced a millennium-long history is certainly a source of great responsibility. We decided to move the Archive that documents this long journey, looking to the future in the wake of the tradition that sees the firstborn take care of the family memory. Today our history is kept in Villa Le Corti where, next to the residence and the cellar, designed as a single Santi di Tito factory, the Corsini Chapel rises on a property purchased in 1427. We are certain that the ingredients to facilitate access for scholars there be it all: the proximity to Florence, the silence of the Chianti countryside and, why not, excellent wine and good food! ”
Filippo Corsini
President of the Corsini Foundation Committee

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