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Organic spelt flour Le Corti



1 kg

Villa Le Corti

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Producer: Villa le Corti
Production area: San Casciano Val di Pesa
Size: 1 kg


Nutritional properties

Additional notes

At Villa Le Corti, our main goal is to maintain a sustainable agricultural system that emphasizes biodiversity and soil quality. For this reason, starting from 2020, we have decided to introduce the cultivation and production of pearl spelt and spelt flour.

Our spelt belongs to the Triticum Dicoccum variety, one of the oldest existing varieties, which has the characteristic shape of a flattened ear containing two grains. Spelt is a rustic, low environmental impact, and extremely resistant plant, to the extent that it can survive very hot summers with rainwater only.

Spelt is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. It is a precious cereal, low in gluten, rich in vitamin B, and with antioxidant properties.

Before use, we recommend rinsing the spelt under running water. Our pearl spelt is excellent for the preparation of soups or cold dishes like salads. The typical cooking of risotto, with the addition of broth and seasonal vegetables, is also highly recommended.



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