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Multiple Gift Card

Contains Sulfites – Entirely produced and bottled at the origin in San Casciano in Val di Pesa by Le Corti spa agricultural company

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Multiple Gift Card


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Buy the Multiple Gift Card for € 49.70 to receive a credit of € 70.
Minimum purchase 5 pieces.

Those who receive the Gift Cards can use them to buy the products in the online Shop of the company.


  • Minimum purchase of 5 Gift Cards
  • Value of 70 €
  • Cost of 49,70 €
  • The card is immediately active
  • You can’t use the card with other promotional codes

How to buy the Gift Card

Add the Multiple Gift Card to your shopping cart, for a minimum of 5 cards, and proceed with the payment method you prefer. Once the purchase is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with the different codes of each Gift Card that you can send to whoever you want.

How to use the Gift Card

The Gift Card doesn’t need activation and can be used for multiple purchases on the Principe Corsini online shop, until the credit runs out. To use the card, add the desired or products to your cart.

During the check-out, enter the Gift Card code in the space and click on the button Apply Gift Card.

The Gift Card cannot be used with other promotional codes.

Within your account, you can verify at any time the remaining credit by clicking on the Gift Card section.



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