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Vinsanto del Chianti Classico Doc

Dedicated to Saint Andrew Corsini, a Carmelite and Bishop of Fiesole who was recognized as a saint by Boniface VIII. An old and rare wine made from selected Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes. The grapes are left to wither for three months on trellises before pressing. According to tradition, the must ferments for five years on its lees in sealed barrels called caratelli. Only the best grapes are aged for an additional five years before being bottled.

Vinsanto is the pinnacle of an oral tradition that has been handed down, generation to generation, through the centuries. When well done, it unequivocally represents the best of the farm.

Little science and much tradition is used to produce this rare monument of Chianti Classico, making it a precursor to natural wines.


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Villa le Corti
Date of harvest: 
23 e 24 settembre 2005
1997: 97 points - Wine Spectator
The grapes were put to dry for a period of 3 months in the "appassitoio". Dry grapes were pressed in the end of January and juice was put to ferment in small barrels for a period of 5 years.
Number of bottles produced: 
1 075
5 years in barrels
Alcohol content: 

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