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Le Corti DOP 500ml

Olio EVO DOP Chianti Classico Bio

Villa Le Corti grows over 13,000 olive trees on about 70 hectares of land, prevalently the exceptional Frantoio cultivar along with Moraiolo and Leccino. The olives are completely cultivated and harvested by hand in the farm’s modern-equipped olive mill to guarantee maximum quality. After the manual harvest, pressing is carried out within six hours at a cold temperature that never exceeds 27°C.

The extra virgin olive oil has an intensely fruity aroma and a full, lightly piquant flavor with notes of almond and cardoon. It is a one-of-a-kind olive oil. Produced beginning on October 16, the oil is conserved in ancient terracotta vessels called orci in one of the oldest and largest orciaie, or traditional olive oil storage areas, in Chianti Classico territory.

Villa Le Corti produces two types of olive oils: an Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a DOP “Chianti Classico,” a certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

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Villa le Corti
Date of harvest: 
Ott - Nov 2018
2013: Der Feinschmecker - one of the best 200 olive oil.
Picking technique: 
Manual in 15 Kg cases